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Welcome to South Fork Legendary Farms

Quality Cattle - Caring People

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American Aberdeen Lowline Angus Cattle

Aberdeen Lowline Angus - Low birth weight calving ease, Docile, Grass Finished Healthy Beef 

Need to reduce cattle size and feed intake

South Fork Legendary Farms has the answer for both the Small Farm or the Commercial Ranch - Read Below

Aberdeen Angus are Healthy and require less food intake

Aberdeens are what our grandfather's raised. A smaller yet healthy beef that marbles well, is higher in Omega 3, Docile and finishes well on grass.  Less feed intake equals more profit even for the commercial ranch.  Low birth weight for first time heifers. 

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Who we are


Welcome to South Fork Legendary Farms - Raising  Fullblood Aberdeen Cattle since 2009

Here at South Fork Legendary Farms we strongly believe Aberdeen Angus is an excellent choice for our operation. It is of utmost importance for us to know not only where our food comes from, but also how it is raised. Our beef is naturally  pasture raised. Our cattle are not confined in a feedlot. We do not use any growth hormones or practice regular use of antibiotics. We strive to produce beef that is consistently tender and tasty. We also strive to produce quality Aberdeen Angus Cattle for those interested in purchasing our stock. Hence our slogan: “Quality Cattle - Caring People”

Some folks just like owning Aberdeen’s (aka Lowlines) as pets. There is nothing wrong with that either. They are fun to watch and be around.

Our Aberdeen Cattle are DNA verified and Registered with the American Aberdeen Association

About Us & OUR Mission


Most all too often we encounter the stress of life and most carry the load of a full-time job in addition to farm life. Hopefully Aberdeen Angus cattle may bring you some pleasure and an outlet to daily strains. Hopefully your small farm or commercial ranch, even though it comes with responsibilities, allows you the pleasure of finding your happy place away from the stressful times life often brings. Enjoy Gods beauty of the outdoors and meet new folks with a smile. Enjoy life to its fullest. 

Our mission is to praise our Good Lord and Savior to the fullest. Enjoy and treasure what he has given. Thank you for visiting our site. God bless. John 3:16

Rodney Stephens


South Fork Legendary Farms

Rodney Stephens, owner

Email: rstephens@southforklegendaryfarms.com



Our heritage & how did we become Aberdeen enthusiasts

Our Heritage


We are located in beautiful East Tennessee near the Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area. We own two farm sites where we raise our Cattle and Hay. We are approximately 50 miles north of Knoxville, TN, roughly a two and half hour drive from Nashville, TN and within a 2 hour drive from Lexington, KY.  

I have lived in East Tennessee most all my life in a rural community. Growing up I always had a passion for animals raising chickens, horses and pigs most of my childhood.  I even fostered a goat on the farm. Raising pigs and taking them to the local sale barn instilled achievement, provided a means of developing responsibility and built character.  My father allowed me to take the proceeds from the pig sales and buy school clothes. HWPO (Hard Work Pays off) is a motto I use often today.  I have many memories of those days ...a time that seems to be vanishing and too often appears to be sealed up in a time capsule from most of today's children. There is so much competing for their attention with video games, internet and ease of movie access all at their finger tips. Most would likely agree that so much could be gained from the farm experiences. At least that is the way I view it in my humble opinion.

In my teenage years, we purchased cattle; mostly Black Angus and a couple Herford. These were quality times and the farm life maintained my interest until my farther had to sell the herd a couple years later. Soon college life, a new career, and starting a family consumed my life. I really never thought I would turn back to any form of the farm life.  This was especially true because now, like most folks, I was limited in acreage. After my own sons were approaching their teenage years, I found a renewed interest in many of my childhood activities and shared these with them. Hunting, fishing and yes, farming.  This further renewed an interest in cattle.  So my search began.  

After some extensive research, and the support of my loving wife of course, my mind was settled.  Aberdeen Lowline Angus cattle would be the fit for my small farm.  I purchased my first farm tractor. Later attachments and then I renovated an old livestock building into a place worthy of maintaining and handling those smaller framed Lowline Aberdeen Angus cattle.   

In 2009 I purchased my first Aberdeen Lowlines.  I further educated myself by speaking with folks and researching the internet.  I joined the American Aberdeen Association and later became of member of the Eastern Aberdeen Association. My late step-dad's interest was sparked and he too jumped aboard purchasing an Aberdeen Lowline cow and heifer calf pair himself.  It is worth noting that preparing a worthy perimeter fence was a job within itself but taking time to do it right was worth the extra effort. Especially now looking back. 


We made a second farm investment.  We picked up several lots of nice hay pasture at an auction. The rest of our acreage is mountain land but offers an abundance of wildlife and one heck of a view of the Cumberland mountains as the back ground.  In fact, the land was part of the last dairy farm located in our area. I guess, in a sense, we preserved it from development and kept the most part as is. 

Our Aberdeen Cattle inventory has grown and the good Lord has blessed us. We focus on ways to continuously improve our Aberdeen quality. We feel we have great genetics and continued to invest in our own Aberdeen Angus program.  We stay in touch and as knowledgeable in the Aberdeen market as time allows.

We invested in our own AI program.  We were fortunate enough to have a local AI expert who is well educated and deeply trained in AI. AI allowed us to bring aboard some outstanding genetics to our herd.  We kept most our heifers born here at South Fork Legendary Farms and also introduced them to our AI breeding program.  I humbly feel our quality is among the best offered. Our Aberdeens are DNA verified and registered with the AAA.  We follow their identifying procedures by tagging and applying tattoos to our herd. We vaccinate regularly and follow any advise given by our veterinarian.  I believe what matters the most is our passion for cattle and working with them. 


We are constantly learning and expanding our Aberdeen Angus knowledge regularly.  We do not claim to be top experts in our field but we enjoy working with Aberdeens and are compassionate about our work.  We would encourage others interested to become involved.


In 2018, South Fork Legendary Farms purchased our first moderator-percentage Aberdeen Angus cattle. It is something I have been wanting to do for quite a while. I still carry fullblood Aberdeens, but I have seen what the Moderator, Moderator plus and Aberdeen Plus have produced for the industry. Operations have greatly benefited in both profit and production by adding Aberdeen genetics to their herd. Many have either started or added to their natural beef sales and production by adding these Aberdeen genetics. 


Like most of today's small farmers and ranchers, I carry the load of a full time job.  Finding time to attend the American Aberdeen - Lowline events is hard to come by but I enjoy working with the Aberdeen breed and following events online.  Future plans are to get further involved.  It is well worth mentioning my appreciation to those who are so involved with the Aberdeen breed and made it what it is today. Keep up the good work guys.  Our support is with you.

Good Lord willing, I would like to retire with the farm life playing a big role in future retirement. 

Thanks again for visiting us online.  Please revisit us often.  We will be updating our site as things develop around the farm.  Feel free to contact us or schedule visit us.

Rodney Stephens, South Fork Legendary Farms, owner 

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If you would like to know more about our American Aberdeen Angus cattle and how they could benefit your farm, commercial  ranch, or healthy livelihood - contact us. 

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About Our Aberdeen Cattle


American Aberdeen Advantage

Aberdeen cattle are naturally polled and can be black or red in color although black is the dominant color, white may occasionally appear on the udder.

They are resistant to harsh weather, undemanding, adaptable, good natured, mature extremely early and have a high carcass yield with nicely marbled meat. Angus are renowned as a carcass breed. They are used widely in crossbreeding to improve carcass quality and milking ability. Angus females calve easily and have good calf rearing ability. They are also used as a genetic dehorner as the polled gene is passed on as a dominant characteristic. 

Aberdeen's addresses the challenges of both the large scale rancher and the small acreage farmers

Aberdeen cattle for the large scale ranch operation. Aberdeen cattle lower labor and veterinary costs along with providing many economic advantages. Commercial heifers bred to fullblood Aberdeen bulls calve easily and breed back quickly, reducing the calving interval. Fullblood Aberdeen, Moderator,  Moderator Plus and Aberdeen+ Angus cows maintain themselves on about half the feed that is required by a full size crossbred cow and wean more pounds of calf per acre.

Aberdeen cattle are an excellent choice for the person with limited acreage

This is the main reason that sparked my interests. Living on a small farm, I knew I had limited acreage for grazing. After researching the Austrian/American Aberdeen breed, I knew they were the right choice for my operation. They leave a small footprint compared to their larger counterparts and their small size makes them easy to handle and minimizes equipment requirements. Their feed efficiency improves the carrying capacity of my farm producing high value carcasses with a minimum of input costs.

They produce exceptional quality beef. Their size, docile nature and calving ease led me to believe that this would be a perfect match for my small farm. They are ideal show animals for 4-H and other youth projects bringing in the next generation of cattle people. They may also offer the tax advantages of an agriculturally based property and business.

South Fork Legendary Aberdeen Angus Cattle Advantages

  • Aberdeen cattle are an Angus associated breed. Most folks are familiar with Angus beef so little to no explanation or education is required to introduce the Aberdeen Angus into our marketing. 
  • Aberdeen cattle were selected genetically cattle to finish on grass 
  • Aberdeen cattle have excellent taste, texture and tenderness
  • Aberdeen cattle produce exceptional ribeye are per hundred pounds of body weight. This translates to very high yielding, high quality, and high value beef carcasses
  • Aberdeen cattle are early maturing cattle 
  • Aberdeen cattle Angus are an average of 60% the size of commercial Angus cattle 
  • Aberdeen cattle are smaller animals expanding stocking rate 
  • Aberdeen cattle are ideally suited to smaller farmstead 
  • Aberdeen cattle are docile, easy to care for, great for kids 
  • Aberdeen cattle are naturally polled
  • Mature Aberdeen bulls will generally fall into a range of 42-48 inches measured at the hip and weigh from 1100-1600 pounds 
  • Mature Aberdeen cows usually measured from hip at 40-46 inches and weigh between 800-1100 pounds. Certain individuals will fall outside of these parameters. Judgment should be made on quality and conformation rather than size. 
  • Aberdeens Angus cows are excellent mothers, easy calving
  • Aberdeen Heifers are usually bred at 13-15 months of age, weight 550-650 pounds First calf at 23-25 months of age, weighing 800-900 pounds. It is worth noting that these numbers should also reflect the maturity along with size and conformation of a first calf heifer.
  • Aberdeens cattle are NOT dwarf cattle. No dwarfism
  • Aberdeen cattle are and excellent choice for the health conscious individual filled with more Omega 3 fatty acid.

American Aberdeen - History

American Aberdeen cattle were developed from a herd of 100% Registered Angus, which was established at the Trangie Research Center in Australia in 1929 to provide quality beef breeding stock for the New South Wales industry. Animal Scientists began with a herd of registered Champion Angus cattle, purchased in 1929, that were carefully selected for high quality and small size. The end result was a breed of small, black, polled cattle with pure Angus genetics. From that early beginning and after decades of selection to moderate frame size came this exciting beef breed we call American Aberdeen cattle. They originated from pure Foundation Aberdeen Angus stock. 

Our Grandfathers were often pictured with these similar smaller beefy cattle.

Pasture & Feed Efficiency

American Aberdeen cattle thrive on smaller amounts of feed, whether grass or hay because of their efficient conversion of grass to meat. American Aberdeen cattle require limited amount of feed and this makes them ideal for smaller acreage and allows for more American Aberdeens to be stocked in the same area that would support traditional cattle. Rotational grazing more numbers of smaller animals on a property creates more hoof action that is beneficial to implanting seeds to reestablish grasses and legumes in sensitive areas. This makes American Aberdeen cattle  a better choice for riparian areas as well as arid or sandy soils. Being of true Angus, they adapt well to all weather conditions and climates as is demonstrated by the wide variety of American Aberdeen Association members located in different areas of the country.  

Aberdeen Cattle are naturally raised without hormones, antibiotic or steroids. 

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The American Aberdeen Association (AAA)

The American Aberdeen Association, headquartered in Parker, Colorado requires that all Fullblood American Aberdeens have DNA parentage verification to assure their genetic purity providing a breed integrity that is unmatched among other small breeds. The national registry has also established the tradition of an Annual National American Aberdeen Show, Sale and Convention at the National Western Stock Show in Denver, providing a prestigious showplace for the top bloodlines in the breed as well as an ideal setting to share thoughts, ideas and mingle with other American Aberdeen breeders as well as the nation’s top cattlemen of all breeds.


Aberdeen genetics offer these benefits:

• Reduced input costs

• Reduced calving difficulties

• Increased grass conversion & feed efficiency

• Improved carcass quality

• Moderate frame size

• Higher stocking rate

American Aberdeen are DNA Verified and Registered 

Fullblood Aberdeen cattle may be registered through the American Aberdeen Association.

Moderators cattle are percentage Aberdeen cattle. They are Aberdeen crossed with any other breed. Moderators and their progeny can be registered through the American Aberdeen Association.

The American Aberdeen Association recognizes the following Moderator (Percentage) types:

  Moderator = Must be 50% to 87.499% Aberdeen

  Moderator Plus = Must be 25% to 50% Aberdeen

  Aberdeen + = Must be 50% Aberdeen and 50% registered Angus.

Aberdeen Angus Advantage Downloads

Download the files to further see the Aberdeen Advantages

American Aberdeen Video

This video demonstrates the value of American Aberdeen Cattle and their benefits to both the smaller farm homestead and especially the commercial ranch operations